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A Comprehensive and Customizable Social-Emotional Learning Tool

Our Mission

iEmote aims to provide an accessible social-emotional learning tool that helps individuals with emotion-processing challenges (e.g. alexithymia, autism spectrum disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder) better understand and identify emotions.

Key Features


2. Identify Contextual Cues

Our collection of short stories with multiple-choice style questions prompts you to recognize emotions in various contexts


1. Recognize Facial Cues

Our educational games help you identify emotions through facial features, characteristics, and positions


3. Describe Internal Processes

Our AI-powered journal suggests personalized emotion labels for your journal entries

Users have said...

Speech Language Pathologist

"The journal is a neat idea! It will be so helpful for students who can tell you what happened but maybe not understand the emotion word for it. Very cool concept!"

Anonymous Beta User

"I like the features so far. It's a good idea to have lessons on observing physical cues that indicates certain emotions. The user could also track these cues with their journal."

Resource Specialist

"All the features such as story time and games will be very helpful for students who are struggling to express their emotions verbally. This would help the adults understand emotions the students are going through and offer support."

Special Education Teacher

"The idea of integrating social-emotional learning through stories and games is very creative. It could be used as a entry or exit ticket or a break-time activity for understanding students better. My student enjoyed doing this activity on the board."

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